More about the Illustrator Andrea Foust

Biological Illustrator in 
Salem, Oregon

 In 1994 Andrea Foust graduated from Willamette University with a B.S. degree and dual major in biology and art. After graduating she went on to persue her interest in biology by interning with the National Audubon Society's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary in Florida and later working as a research assistant monitoring and protecting piping plovers with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. During this time she continued to do art projects on her own but came to a realization. "I had a sneaking suspicion that what I really wanted was a job where I could combine my background in science and my love of art." After attending a Guild of Natural Science Illustrators workshop, her suspiscions were confirmed and she discovered that science illustration was thing she had been searching for. In the fall of 1996, she entered the Science Illustration program at University of California in Santa Cruz. Andrea is looking forward to her future as an illustrator and will begin interning with Manomet Observatory in Massachusetts in July of 1997. A PHOTO OF ANDREA.



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