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Hi, this is me. My Name is Michael Hagmann.



If you want to contact me and offer me a job (or just donate some money), my address is

1488 1st Avenue, Apartment 1A

New York, NY 10021


Or simply E-mail me at hagmann@nasw.org

If you are interested, here is some biographical information.

I was born the September 13, 1966 in a small town called Heilbronn in Germany. As you might have expected, I am a citizen of this reunited country. So far I haven't met the right woman, that's why I am still single. (Actually that's not true; I met her but she ran away. But that's another story.)

Believe it or not, I have gone through a (more or less extensive) academic education that included four universities, several years in biology/biochemistry and, more recently, in science writing.

During my scientific years I have worked on various fields of molecular biology, such as immunology (modulation of immune responses), mechanisms of genetic recombination, regulation of gene activity and herpesviral latency. From 1990 on, they also let me do some teaching, first in Environmental and General Chemistry and later in Molecular Biology.

After so many years in the realms of academia, you can't help it to acquire some degrees, so, in 1992 , I happened to obtain an ETH-Diploma in Natural Sciences (Biochemistry/Genetics), and in 1997 they upgraded me to a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (Gene regulation).

Of course, if you're doing science, you want the world to know how brilliant your results are. That's why everybody feels the urge to publish. I was no exception. Here is an abridged list of my scientific publications.

The impressive thing about being a journalist is that you can easily match at least the number of articles in basically no time. Although my journalistic experience is still rather limited it took me about three weeks to level my six and a half years in scientific research (i.e. I am roughly a hundred times more productive now).

Jan.-June 1998 The Californian, Salinas, part-time (general news writing, including health-related and agro-chemical issues )

freelance contributions to Field Notes at KUSP, Santa Cruz

I also did some freelance work on the side.

Work isn't everything, they say. I agree. Here are some of the things I like to do when I have the time for them. I guess the correct term is extracurricular activities and hobbies.

I was a member of the Student Drama Group in Zürich (and yes, we did perform). More regular than on stage I am outdoors. Whenever there is a possibility I try to ski. (That's that old-fashioned sport with TWO separate pieces of equipment attached to the end of your legs.) In lack of snow I am also satisfied with hiking. On the more cultivated side of leisure, I spend a lot of my spare time in movie theaters, real theater or jazz clubs. And I like sleeping but I guess that's not the thing to put in a resume.