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SCIENCE NOTES...The students hold the copyright to the text and images. Please negotiate reproduction rights directlywith the writer and illustrator of any story you may wish to reproduce. You may email the Program for grads' email addresses:


C O N T A C T S Writers Illustrators
astronamy article icon Going Deep   Greg Miller Clarice Bumagat
sea lion article icon Sea Lion Savvy   Betsy Mason Kalin McGraw
atoms article icon Atoms that Add   Erica Klarreich Cathy Genetti Reinhard
manic article icon Stop the Swings   feather
Kathy Miller
Luke Bennett
farming article icon Sustaining
  Ben Shouse Kyra Kopestonsky
enemy article icon Thinking Like the Enemy   Katie Greene Leana Rosettishell
Heart Drug
  Louisa Dalton Jodi Wales
planets article icon Tall Tales
of Distant Planets
  Solana Pyne Meg Stalcup
bacteria article icon Earth’s Anonymous Inhabitants sand crab Aparna Sreenivasan SaraChen
egypt article icon The Sunken Cities of Egypt   Holly Davis Brian Maebius

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