/ Pam Donegan
MY DESK HAS FALLEN VICTIM to the second law of thermodynamics again.
Yellow-eye Express / Chris Woolston
OF ALL THE ENDANGERED ANIMALS that have ever attacked me, the yellow-eyed penguin is my favorite. It certainly didn't win that honor with good looks.
Object Lessons / Kenneth Chang
AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BOOKSTORE, you can now pick up Everything I Really Need to Know I Learned From Watching Star Trek. Within its pages, author Dave Marinaccio offers such nuggets of wisdom as the following: "If you mess up something, it's your responsibility to make things right again."
Sex & Death / Philip Cohen
IF YOU WANT TO GET KICKED OUT of a party sometime, try saying this very loudly: "We're not immortal, you know. We're all going to die."
Learning to Leap the Divide / Corinna Wu
FOR A GRADE SCHOOLER, learning how to color within the lines is an important academic milestone, just as significant as mastering subtraction or learning how to write in cursive.
The Mosquito and Me / Lou Bergeron
HOT, STICKY SUMMER NIGHTS are a fact of life in the Midwest----nights when the temperature and humidity are both up in the 90s. The air is dead. Nothing moves.
The Day Mr. Smith Brought Math Into This World / Bonnie Wallace
EVERY TWO YEARS OF MY CHILDHOOD, I was the new kid in school. My father served in the Air Force, and each time he was reassigned the family followed. After a move, I was again the outsider facing a pack of suspicious classmates.
A Culinary Sleuth's Tale / Alice Cascorbi
IT WAS A PERFECT PIECE OF CALAMARI. Deep-fried to a golden brown, curled invitingly around bright-yellow lemon wedges, only inches from a colorful nest of Greek salad topped with black olives.
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