Science Notes

Summer 1997

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Multidrug Resistance
Protein Pumps:
Nature's Common Currency
by Alison Davis Illustrated by Andrea Foust

Real Seals Wear Helmets
by Robert Evans
Illustrated by Alejandro Cruz

How to Eavesdrop at a
Cosmological Waterhole

by Jessica GormanIllustrated by Carleton Eyster

Pacific Grenadier,
An Old-Growth Fish?

by Mari N. Jensen
Illustrated by Sondra Cohelan

Cosmic Collisions
285K by Jonathan Knight Illustrated by Utako Kikutani

Banning What Bomb?
by Tac Leung
Illustrated by Kath Hocker
and Laurel Rogers

How Clean is Clean?
by Dana Mackenzie
Illustrated by Lydia Neilsen

Pregnancy Offers Protection
by Camille Mojica
Illustrated by Eden Abram

Medicinal Toxins
by Tracy Washburn Illustrated by Sophie James


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