SCIENCE NOTES is written and illustrated by the students in the Science Communication Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.




A fledgling journalist on deadline either has the mother of all science news stories or something else entirely.
By Oliver Baker
Illustrated by Craig Furlong


Killer Surf!


Scientists hasten to predict and prepare for a monster wave threatening California’s coast.
By Krista Conger
Illustrated by Zeke Smith


Tracking the Bloom

When sea lions started dying in Monterey Bay, scientists raced to discover
the cause.

By Liese Greensfelder
Illustrated by Sarah Donelson


This Won’t Hurt a Bit

The hated hypodermic may soon be replaced by a painless microscopic needle on a silicon chip.
By Kathleen Wong
Illustrated by Anya Illes


Echoes from the Past

A maverick linguist has devised a new way to scope out what our ancestors were up to 50,000 years ago.
By Robert Adler
Illustrated by Simon Lo


A Ride on the Wild Side

An aerospace engineer has designed an airplane that could fly at ten times the speed of sound by skipping off the top of the atmosphere. But will it ever fly?
By Beate Kittl
Illustrated by Shawn Gould


Tongue Twister

A child psychologist plays with words to explore how we learn language.
By Bryn David Nelson
Illustrated by John Sellers


KC and the Ground Sludge Band


After 10 years of hard work punctuated by serendipity, leaps of faith, and intuition, an unsinkable team of scientists devise an ingenious system to clean water contaminated with carbon tetrachloride, a toxic chemical.
By Marina Chicurel
Illustrated by Thomas A. Tarpley


Twinkle, Twinkle Collapsing Star

Astronomers may have solved the mystery of the most powerful explosions in the universe.
By Adrian Cho
Illustrated by Pat Latas


One if by Land, Two if by Sea

In the race for mammal efficiency the results are in, and it's a tie.
By Mark Schrope
Illustrated by Kathleen McKeehen


SCIENCE NOTES is published once a year by the graduating class.

The students hold the copyright to the text and images. Please negotiate reproduction rights directly with the writer and illustrator of any story you may wish to reproduce. You may email the Program Office for contact information.

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